Practice Sculpt: Bald Bust WIP

Here’s my progress on my bust so far, it’s still pretty basic but I got the shape pretty much down. Just need to work on the the mouth, ears, and nose more before adding a neck. Overall it’s still needs more work, but it’s a start.



Practice Sculpt: Bald Bust Image Board

Practicing my head sculpting abilities with a bust. The goal is to try and get it looking realistic, and I choose to sculpt a Buddhist monk child. I originally planned to sculpt an adult monk but choose to do a child since I haven’t done any young characters in awhile.


WIP Robot Sculpt: Sketches

A few sketches of my robot, and I’m really liking the prosthetic leg design. I plan for him to be a kick boxing type of fighter, just focusing on powerful leg attacks. I wanted to incorporate real life stuff in the design like the head protection and prosthetic legs. I’m still figuring out colors, but I’ll probably have the paint be worn on some body parts. But so far this is what my robot will look like in the end result.