Sandlot Sculpt: Kid 2 WIP

Here’s my progress so far on sandlot kid 2.

Kid_2_Front Kid_2_SIde Kid_2_Back


Sandlot Sculpt: Sketches

Here’s the final designs for the sandlot kids, I tried to stay true to the Earthbound style while drawing them. They went through a few different designs and outfits before finding my favorites. I decided to have the kids be best friends but on two different baseball teams. This is based off my own experience playing little league baseball, since I was on a different team then my best friend as a kid. So I put a little of my past into to them, as well as basing their outfits off the different clothes that were worn in The Sandlot. I tried to give them a feel from both my inspirations for this piece as well as putting a little bit of my childhood into it too.

sketches other_designs

Fighting Robot Render Tests

First render test for my robot, I’m still testing the lighting. It’s going to be based in an arena, so the lighting is going to be based off that style of lighting. I still need to add the arena’s chain fence for the final render though, but overall this is the final pose and position of the render unless I do one from the side similar to fighting games.robot_render2