Lighthouse Update 12-4-15

More progress has been made since my last update, though I still need to mess around with the render settings. Not quite perfect yet but it’s getting there.




3 responses to “Lighthouse Update 12-4-15

  1. This is eerily beautiful. I love this quality of the image not being exactly photorealistic, on one hand, and yet realistic enough to look… well, real, in an odd sort of way )
    What kind of project is Lost Souls? An animation? A game?

    • Thank you, that means a lot to me.

      As for Lost Souls it’s a personal project I started last year in my junior studio and now it’s my senior thesis. It’s a game that centers around the acceptance of death, and it’s set in limbo. The characters are recently deceased and must come to terms with their fate. So each environment represents a character; for example my main character Oswald “Oz” Patterson was murdered in a gas station. So in my senior studio I’m building the gas station in Maya and taking it into Unreal Engine 4. So the player will be able to walk around the environment and collect clues in a sense to better understand the story around the characters and their past life.

      • That sounds like a fascinating concept, and, considering the quality of your renders, I suspect you’ll do well with this project ) Keep up good work! )

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