Lost Souls Update: 3/28/16

Made more progress outside the gas station, been doing a lot of texturing with substance painter. ¬†Outside is close to being done, so next thing will be to finish the interior which shouldn’t be too hard since it’s mainly just various props inside.HighresScreenshot00008



Lost Souls Update 3/14/16

Worked on some texturing for the building, along with redoing the roof for the Gas Station. Wasn’t really enjoying the original look, so I changed it based off one I saw the other day while I was out and about getting food. Liking the design better and I think it will work better with the logo design too. Going to keep texturing and re-working stuff, but making good progress.


Lost Souls Update 3/2/16

Been working more on Lost Souls, the Gas Station is coming along nicely with pretty mush everything in Unreal besides the items on the shelf’s. Been working on texturing in Substance Painter, knocked out textures for the cement and wall outside and even did the floor of the interior along with various other props. I’ve also been messing around with lighting, I’ve got the night sky done and did some basic lighting outside the Gas Station.HighresScreenshot00002