Lost Souls Update: 4/28/16

Moved to the freezers and knocked them out decently fast, though I may mess around with the textures a little more later on. Now I’m moving to the shelf items, and starting with the snacks. Got a few modeled, now I just got to texture them and place them in Unreal. So I got a good amount of modeling to do, but it should be pretty fast since it’s all pretty simple items.



Lost Souls Update: 4/25/16

Finished texturing the stuff for the main counter, and started modeling/texturing stuff for the coolers inside. Modeling went fast, so I have a good variety of different drinks that will fill the coolers. Gotta texture a few of them and then place them unreal, and then I’m going to start modeling more shelf items.



Lost Souls Update: 4/18/16

Made a lot of progress on the interior of the Gas Station, textured everything on the side counter, and have been working on the stuff for the main counter. Modeled and textured a few little things that were needed such as vents, fire sprinklers, security cams and such. I also messed around with some lighting towards the entrance. So it’s coming along nicely, going to probably start the shelf items once I finish up the counters.



Lost Souls Update: 4/11/16

Been working on the interior of the gas station, made some good progress. Started texturing various items such as the pop and icee machines.  Re-tweaked the ceiling and wall textures again, and going to add some stuff like the security cams, vents and such to the ceiling. Going to continue texturing stuff, and once that’s done, then I’m going to model stuff for the shelving units.


Lost Souls Update: 4/4/16

Making more progress on the gas station, the texture outside are basically done though I may tweak things here and there. But I’m moving into the Gas Station and starting to texture various things like the pop machine, shelving units, and the other stuff. I’m also going to add some more buildings outside soon, but right now I’m focusing on texturing in substance.


Lost Souls Update 3/14/16

Worked on some texturing for the building, along with redoing the roof for the Gas Station. Wasn’t really enjoying the original look, so I changed it based off one I saw the other day while I was out and about getting food. Liking the design better and I think it will work better with the logo design too. Going to keep texturing and re-working stuff, but making good progress.