Industrial Sword WIP

A little personal project I’ve been doing in my free time, this sword is based off concept art I found on Pinterest. For the most part I stayed true to the original design, though the hilt area is a little different with the rotation gear. I was a little confused how it worked, but I tried my best to recreate it. I also did a quick texture test too, and tried to come up with a color scheme that works for it.

Original Concept Art: Iron-Fox


Lost Souls Update: 4/28/16

Moved to the freezers and knocked them out decently fast, though I may mess around with the textures a little more later on. Now I’m moving to the shelf items, and starting with the snacks. Got a few modeled, now I just got to texture them and place them in Unreal. So I got a good amount of modeling to do, but it should be pretty fast since it’s all pretty simple items.